About Me

Hey, my name is Nancy Danh Huynh. Im a varied art student and a young aspiring artist from Vietnam, but born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have experience in line art, digital art drawing, zentangles, watercolor painting, portrait drawing with pencil and colored pencil, linocut printmaking, photography, film and editing. I’m always open to trying new things and opportunities, which is important to me as it expands my knowledge and skills as a growing artist.


My aim is to create a new nature , a fantastical world where people can enjoy the beauty of nature again and build new perspectives along the way. In my works, I create a fantastical twist from real life natural elements, focusing on the formation, structures, shape and colors. The use of colors is to evoke certain emotion, along with various sized lines that are drawn together, creating every detail that builds up the untold story.

In my photography I aim to capture overlooked beauty in our everyday lives, often in nature, in city structures, architecture detail, a moment, and more.


My overall goal is to immerse myself into the art world to be inspired, and in hopes that I inspire others along the way.