About Me

Nancy Danh Huynh is a varied visual artist, music event photographer/videographer and graphic designer from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is an International Baccalaureate diploma recipient, who is fluent in the languages: English, French, Spanish and Vietnamese. She currently resides in Chicago Illinois, studying for her undergraduate degree at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

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Nancy is proficient in various traditional art practices as well as digital. Practices include photography, film media, design, digital art, line art, colored pencil portrait drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, linocut printmaking, large scale mural painting, collaging and mixed media. Furthermore, she’s always open to trying new things, which is important to her as it expands her knowledge and skills as a growing artist.

Nancy’s visual artistic aim is to create a new nature, a fantastical world where others can enjoy the beauty of nature and build new perspectives along the way. In her traditional artworks and design work she creates fantastical twists inspired from real life natural elements. With her attentiveness to detail, she focuses on the formations, structures, lines, patterns, shapes and colors. The use of colors is to evoke certain emotions, along with various sized lines that are drawn together, creating every detail that composes an untold story.

Within Nancy’s photography she uses her keen eyes to capture overlooked beauty and details from everyday life, often derived from nature, urban life, and from live shows. In connection to her passion with music, Nancy aims to capture the stories, emotions and energy from live music events and within the electronic dance music communities.

Nancy’s overall goal is to immerse herself into the art and music world, to help others visually communicate their stories as well as her own.

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For business inquiries or bookings contact : nancydanhhuynh@gmail.com


2018    Crystal Empire, VISIONS & VOICES, Scholastic Art and Writing, Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis, IN

2017    Overwhelmbergs, Transitions Showcase, Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis, IN

2016    Linear Flight, The Thing in Spring Pop-Up Gallery, Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), Indianapolis, IN

2016    Music Obsessed, 78th Student Art Show, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN

2014    Opportunity if Chance, Beyond Perceptions program, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN