About Me

Hello! My name is Nancy Danh Huynh I’m a varied visual artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. I currently reside in Chicago, Illinois studying full time at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

I don’t believe in restricting my passions to just one area. I’m versatile when it comes to my practices and expertise in visual art. This includes graphic design, photography, video, as well as other digital and traditional art practices. 

In connection to my passion with music and the electronic dance music community, I work with music artists with a story to tell and visually capture that through my camera lenses. My photography not only capturs night life, but also captures geometric qualities from every day life, often derived from nature, urban lifestyle and night life. When i’m not running around during a show like a weirdo with a camera, I work with clients to communicate their ideas through design means. I specialize in logos, art covers, book covers, posters and graphics. I am also proficient in digital and traditional art practices, where my visual aim is to create a new nature inspired from real life natural elements, depicting a fantastical world where others can enjoy the beauty of nature through new perspectives.

I’m always open to trying new things, which is important to me in order to expand my knowledge and skills as a growing artist. My overall goal is to immerse myself into the art and music world, to help others visually communicate their stories as well as my own.

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2019 Hugo x Porter Shelter Scroll Portrait, Second Sky Fan Art contest, displayed mainstage & Second Sky mobile App, Second Sk Festival, Oakland, CA

2018 Crystal Empire, VISIONS & VOICES, Scholastic Art and Writing, Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis, IN – Gold Key Recipient

2017    Overwhelmbergs, Transitions Showcase, Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis, IN

2016    Linear Flight, The Thing in Spring Pop-Up Gallery, Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), Indianapolis, IN

2016 Music Obsessed, 78th Student Art Show, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN

2014 Opportunity if Chance, Beyond Perceptions program, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN